Robotic fabrics with embedded fluidics

Hydraulic circuits sealed within a multilayer textile. Strong yet soft metamaterial with multifunctional patterns.

Our inspiration comes from nature

Seed capsules – such as pine cones, for example – can perform complex, reversible movement based on their cellular arrangement and anisotropic swelling. 

Simple yet effective solution: using soft robotics

An innovative field that utilizes soft, flexible materials to create robots that can move and interact with their environment in more organic ways than traditional robots. Thus, we can create simple yet effective solutions to complex problems.

Custom-made solutions and prototypes for our clients

As Humans, we are so familiar with fabrics that they each have different meanings for us. Different textiles can feel comfortable, luxurious, friendly, safe, cosy or sporty for example. We find the solution that’s right for the product and the application.

Our fields of action​

MotorSkins works with customers both large and small, across all major industries and sectors.

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